Just a little background for the newbie Trapcode Form is an awesome plug-in made for After Effects which allows you to create amazing visual effects with particles and 3D objects, in addition to that you get very precise controls to optimize your animation.

So now have you ever wanted to see a preview of the Trapcode Form presets you get you have the plug-in installed? Well on my side I haven’t found much reliable content online so I have decided again to create a preview video of all the Trapcode Form presets so motion designers spend less time of figure out which preset does what, if you like to see more of those video please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Simply click on the images below to preview from the YouTube video, or you can watch directly the entire Trapcode Form presets video at the end of this blog. Good Luck!


cephalopod cloudnine crt
 tf2_Cephalopod  tf2_CloudNine tf2_CRT
dissolve fisheye flame
 tf2_Dissolve tf2_FishEye tf2_Flame
fluxcloud heavensdoor lacuna
 tf2_FluxCloud  tf2_HeavenDoor  tf2_Lacuna
locnar ovalecho parentheses
 tf2_LocNar  tf2_OvalEcho  tf2_Parentheses
prismriot shadedstrings simpleoval
 tf2_PrismRiot  tf2_ShadedStrings  tf2_SimpleOval
spiralarray streaklettwist stringlets
 tf2_SpiralArray  tf2_StreakletTwist  tf2_Stringlets