After Effects image effects presets Adobe After Effects has a lot of awesome image effects and tools from creative effects to special effects. It is often hard to remember how the heck each one look like or does; some effects are easy to figure out but other you have to tried them out to see if it is the image effects fit your project design brand and style.

The purpose of this tutorial is to effectively preview the After Effects image effects included in the animation presets folder (Screenshot on the right). It should give you overall idea of how each effects look like and improve your motion graphic workflow. Also I used the default image effects preview they obviously can be tweaked to get a better result for your need.

If you are new to After Effects keep reading, if you are advanced feel free to jump straight to the After Effects image effects gallery links below

What are image effects used for in After Effects ?

Image effects are use for many things is After Effects, here a few bullet point to give you an overall idea of what you can when you apply image effects.

  • Add motion to your still images to give them some life
  • Remove specific area of the your image
  • Remove specific color commonly call keying image
  • Colorize images
  • Distort images to give another shape
  • Improve the light of your images
  • Add mood to your image

Thanks to Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay for letting me use this photo as reference.

Image Creative

after effects image creative effects
The After Effects image creative presets modify the overall mood of your images by changing the light, the color, level and saturation.

bloom-brights Bloom–brights+darks Bloom-Crystallize-1
Bloom – brights Bloom – brights+darks Bloom – Crystallize 1
Colorize – blue wash Colorize – gold dip Colorize – infrared
Colorize – moonshadows Colorize – red hand tint Colorize – royal purple
Colorize – Sepia Colorize – sky blue Colorize – sky orange
Colorize – sunset gradient Contrast – luminance Contrast – saturation
Dimension glow+shadow Grayscale image effects
Dimension – bevel+shadow Dimension – glow+shadow Grayscale
Left Third scoop mask NTSC
Inset Video – framed Inset Video – torn edges Left Third – scoop mask NTSC
Left Third scoop mask PAL Lower Third scoop mask PAL
Left Third – scoop mask PAL Lower Third – scoop mask NTSC Lower Third – scoop mask PAL
Lower Third Holdout darken Mood Lighting - amorphous
Lower Third Holdout – darken Lower Third Holdout – saturate Mood Lighting – Amorphous
Mood Lighting Digital Vignette Lighting
Mood Lighting – Digital Mood Lighting – streaks Vignette Lighting

Image – Special Effects

after effects image special effects
The image special effects presets add motion to your images and are ideal to show glitches effects on your videos.

BadTV 1 warp Bad TV 2 old Bad TV 3 weak