After Effects provide a bunch of synthetics effects presets but do you know how each one look like ? No worries I have created a preview gallery so you can quickly decide which preset might work best for your after effects project.

Where are the After Effects Synthetics Presets located?

Open the Effects & Presets window panel.
Expand *Animation Presets
Expand the Synthetics folder
Click on any of them
Drag and Drop to your composition.

Animation Presets – Synthetics Preset Preview Gallery

Synthetics - Blue BarsSynthetics -CellsSynthetics - Digital
Blue BarsCellsDigital
Synthetics - EtherealSynthetics - Gold-AmbianceSynthetics - Lightning Horizontal
EtherealGold AmbianceLightning Horizontal
Synthetics - Lightning Vertical
Lightning VerticalMosaicOrange Streaks
Syntehtics - Smoke DriftingSynthetics - Starburst Spin
Smoke – DriftingStarburst Spin