After Effects Tutorials and Template for Motion Designer & Video Editors

Whether you are a newbie or an expert in motion graphics you will find on MotionIsland a series After Effects templates and tutorials to improve your animation skills. If you get a chance check our most viewed blog posts such as text animation presets, transitions presets , After Effects expressions. Thanks for stopping by!

How to Work with the Expression Controls Presets in After Effects

If you ever wanted to make your life easier on After Effects or improve your workflow I would consider using the expression controls effects. Whether you need to access and quickly edit one or multiple property of a layer/effect, or setup your project so someone else can edit without digging in thousand of layers, the expression controls should be your friend. In this post I will show how to use each expression controls effects [...]

Top 10 After Effects Shadows Effects You Must Know

Shadows in After Effects are keys to show depth and dimension your layers, text and videos. Hopefully you have used already the common drop shadow effect but you might not be aware all the shadow style  you can create in After Effects. My objective in this tutorial is show multiple ways on how to create shadows directly into After Effects with simple steps. I will also provide free After Effects project source files so [...]

Preview the After Effects Simulation Effects & Presets Quickly

Have you ever wonder what you could do with the simulation effects in Adobe After Effects?  Well today I have created on MotionIsland a preview gallery that will help you see how cool those simulation effects presets looks. So before you buy any after effects plug-in to make particle effects I strongly suggest to see what you can do with the default simulation effects. The main question is what can you do with the [...]