Tutorials and AE Templates for Motion Designer & Video Editors

Whether you are a newbie or an expert in motion graphics you will find on MotionIsland a series After Effects templates and tutorials to improve your animation skills and workflow. If you get a chance please check our most viewed blog posts such as text animation presets, transitions presets , After Effects expressions.

Quick Tips – Switch Time to Frame count in After Effects

In After Effects you can quickly change from a regular time count to frame count, to swap quickly move your cursor to the preview time area then press and hold CTRL and then Click. Animated demo screenshot below. Looking for another After Effects tips? Please drop a comment in the area below.

Learn How to Create and Modify After Effects Mask

At some point in any motion graphic project, you will need to use one or multiple After Effects mask in your composition and I have to say even after 10 years of motion graphic experience I am still learning new tips and tricks to work with masks. I'll show on this tutorial the basic and advanced techniques to use After Effects mask, so by the end of this article you will know how to [...]

After Effects Stylize Presets Preview

Ever wonder what the stylize effects look like in After Effects? Well you landed in the right place I was able to create a stylize preview gallery to see an overview of each presets so you can have a overall idea of how your layers and videos will look like after you apply the stylize presets. What are the After effects stylize effects? The stylize Effects allows you the modified your image or video [...]

Import Illustrator to After Effects Like a Pro

You just receive an illustrator file to animate and you are not sure how to import it correctly in After Effects? Well you landed on the right place, my goal here is to teach you the best workflow to import an illustrator file into After Effects and show you some tips and tricks to import vector files easily in After Effects. I will share some plug-ins you can use to get your illustrator file [...]

Discover and master the After Effects Trim Paths

The trim path is a feature in After Effects that I used the most to create animated stroke, hand drawn animated text, animated loading bar and a lot more... The After Effects trim path allow you to customize and animate a vector path. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to create a trim path, animate it and customize the trim path to your need. Finally I also give you some goodies like the [...]

5 Free After Effects Chart Animations

I have created 5 different After Effects chart animation that are commonly used on video infographic, from bar graph to pie chart... I hope it will be a good use to you and that it will help you to improve your motion graphic skills. After Effects Bar Chart This is an animated After Effects bar chart with multi-colored bars increasing and simultaneously revealing the legend for each bar. This source [...]

How to work with the After Effects Repeater

Shape layers by themselves look a bit boring how ever when you start using the After Effects repeater it is like opening a Pandora door it allows you to create a much more dynamic and engaging shape animation,  it is an After Effects feature that every motion designer should know about. I have created a series of repeater example below and also provided the After effects template so you can use it or see [...]

How To Split a Layer In After Effects

In this short tutorial I will show how you can efficiently split a layer in After Effects so you can easily divide your layer in 2 or multiple layers. Let’s get straight to it! Create a new composition Import your video or audio file in your project window Drag and drop your video or your audio into your composition timeline Select your video in the timeline, move the vertical time indicator where the cut [...]