Trapcode Particular is one of the most popular and my favorite plug-in in After Effects, since I am super amazed with redgiant product I wanted to show other how cool it is. For those who don’t know what trapcode particular does, it allows motion designer and video editors to make amazing particles animations, the plug in give you tons of options to get different results and most importantly a professional animation  style.

I have rendered around 10 seconds of each 70 Trapcode Particular Presets to better understand what you are getting when you purchase it. For those who already have the particular plug in it is always nice to check what default particular presets are available for your next project!

If you are looking for the particular presets in after effects they are located in the Effect &Presets window (screenshot on the right).

Below a list of the default Trapcode Particular Presets found in the Effects&Presets window, check the Trapcode Particular Presets video at the end of the list it shows all of them.

  • Avalanche
  • Blizzard
  • Boiling Water
  • Bon fire
  • Bottle Rockets 1
  • Bottle Rockets 2
  • Bottle Rockets 3
  • Chromatic Sand
  • Clouds
  • Crazy Thing
  • Dripping Highlights
  • Electron Dance
  • Explode out
  • Explode out dark
  • Explode Up
  • Explode up Dark
  • Fairy Journey
  • Fire Starter
  • Fireworks Round
  • Fireworks Smoke bidir
  • Fireworks Smoke Disc
  • Fireworks Smoke round
  • Flame fast
  • Flame slow
  • Flowy green
  • Flowy Static
  • Gas Flame
  • Glowfield
  • Glow Trail
  • Grid Across
  • Grid across rotate
  • Grid fall
  • grid sphere
  • Information Highway1
  • Information Highway2
  • Macro Bubbles
  • Matrix Dots Circular
  • Multicolor vinyl
  • Organic Lines
  • Organic Lines motion
  • Particular dance
  • Rising Steam wide
  • School of Fish
  • Sky Type
  • Smoke
  • Smoke Dark
  • Smoke Darker
  • Smoke Magic
  • Smoke Signal
  • Smoke Sky
  • Smoke Type
  • Smoke Wizzard
  • Snowy night 1
  • Snowy Night 2.5
  • Starfield Static 1
  • Starfield Static 2
  • Star Flight
  • Swarm Fire Flies
  • Swarm Flies
  • Tempest 1
  • Tempest 2.5
  • Vertical Tech
  • Weld Blue
  • Weld Gold
  • Wipe Big Circles Center
  • Wipe Glow Colorful
  • Wipe Glow Orange
  • Wipe Gravity Orange
  • Wipes Star dots

Now if you are looking for Premium Trapcode Particular presets I recommend checking the presets below, the Particle builder plug in basically have an amazing collection of  particular presets to make fire, sand particles, smoke particles, sparkle particles and magical particles…

Motion Builder Particular Presets   Firework Particular Presets