After Effects Simulation Effects List

Have you ever wonder what you could do with the simulation effects in Adobe After Effects?  Well today I have created on MotionIsland a preview gallery that will help you see how cool those simulation effects presets looks. So before you buy any after effects plug-in to make particle effects I strongly suggest to see what you can do with the default simulation effects.

The main question is what can you do with the simulation effects?

Well a lots of things here is a little example list you can create quickly:

  • Bubble randomly flying up
  • Snow Falling particles
  • Make it rain
  • Explode/ Shatter Layer
  • Realistic Rain Drop on the floor
  • Fly through star-bust

Basically the objective of this post is to show you the different simulation options you get in After Effects, by previewing them out you should be able to decide quickly which simulation effects will work best for your motion graphic project.

Simulation Effects Presets List

Here is the full list with a preview of all the simulation effects you can find in After Effects.

Card dance caustics effects CC Ball Action
Card Dance Caustics CC Ball Action
CC Hair Effect
CC Bubbles Drizzle CC Hair
CC Mr Mercury CC Particle System II CC Particle World
CC Mr. Mercury CC Particle System II CC Particle World
CC Pixel Poly CC Scaterrize
CC Pixel Polly CC Rainfall CC Scatterize
CC Snowball CC Starburst Foam
CC Snowball CC Star Burst Foam
Particle Playground Shatter Effects wave world effect
Particle Playground Shatter Wave World