If had to choose the one effect that is the most used nowadays in video I would pick the glitch effect, here I will cover the fundamental on what, how to create glitch effects in your art or videos project, whether you are a newbie or a professional you should be able to learn with the provided free digital distortion After Effects project template and use them for your own need.

To make it easy to read I have made tabs below that you can expand and retract to get the information you need quickly.

A glitch effect makes your footage or image look like is it is being distorted, displaced extremely fast or broken into multiple pieces and returned back to its original position. Its like a small blip error, a disrupted signal, a bad reception and a flicker movement which actually looks cool and trendy. The glitch effects is also name in different term such as digital distortion or distortion effects.

It gives a techie vibe to your project. Even though a glitch is an “error”, it still simulates a strong tech aptitude and gives that “hacker” style.

The digital distortion/glitch effect can be used for many purposes here are a couple of ideas:

  • Revealing a logo
  • Make an image distorted
  • Broke up a title a in multiple pieces
  • To make an animated background
  • Transition from a scene to the next
  • Overlay on your footage or use glitch as a mask.
  • Add a tech feel to your footage
  • Make your footage grainy and pixelated
  • make a Chromatic Aberration with Saturated Color
  • Change a channel and simulate old television
  • Satellite scanning earth
  • Showing bad reception
  • Simulate Poor internet connections
  • Simulate Bad video encoding
  • Simulate Corrupt data streams
  • Low-bandwidth broadcasts.

Need to make one of those above ? feel free to let me know in the comment area.

There are multiple variation and style of glitch effects you can see in the preview gallery below, the purpose is to demonstrate how different style you can get from a digital distortion effect. Huge thanks to Rocketstock for providing the free glitches effects.

In the gallery below you can also download the After Effects 2018 source files projects (Version 15.0.0) to see how to make the effects. Also the hot air balloon image I used is from pixabay please check the copyright before you use it for your own project.

Glitch Noise Glitch box Glich Flicker
Glitch Noise Glitch Color Boxes Glitch Flicker
Glitch Tv tunning
Bad TV Warp Glitch Glitch Tuning Channel Turbulence Glitch
Glitch Pixel Blending Glitch Rolling Bars chromatic Aberation Glitch
Pixel Glitch Rolling Bars Glitch Chromatic Aberration / RGB Split
Glitch badTV2 - old BadTv3-Weak
Bad TV 2- Old  BAD TV3 – Weak

There are awesome videos tutorial on how to create add a glitch effects to your footage in Premiere, I have selected the one that are the most useful.

The other way you can apply glitch effects to your footage in premiere is to use presets, presets are basically effects that are already made for you, you just have to drag on drop.

If you are crunch on time and don’t have much money to spend, there are free Premiere glitch presets you can get on few websites.

Or with a little budget you can also get really awesome and professional distortion glitch effects for Premiere Pro, check out below.

400+ Pack: Transitions,
Titles, Sound FX
700 Handy Transitions Glitch Transition
100 Glitch Titles for Premiere Dirty Glitch & VHS Style 50 Glitch Titles

Hopefully it is not news to you there are so many free After Effects glitch effects you can find online
Below is a couple of option I found the most useful.

Rocketstock have an awesome free collection of glitch effects for After Effects you can find it here

On the Georgiiou youtube channel you can find a beautiful set of glitches for after effects, link here

Yes there are a bunch of websites out there, the one I like the most is videohive because the After Effects templates are affordable and easy to use (as an advance motion graphic designer.)

Check out a few of the best after effects glitch templates below.

The Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro Outcome Glitch Slideshow Light Glitch Logo Reveal
Glitch Transitions
9 Modern Glitch Titles
Glitch Logo
Glitch Reveal
Montage Library – Most Useful Effects Glitch Reveal

One of the fastest way you can produce simple glitch effects on your video or images is to use the presets that After Effects provides, the nice thing about presets is that you don’t need any plug-in and it is as simple as drag and drop on your layer and boom you have a glitch effects animation.

After Effects already has a couple basic TV glitch effect
You can find them in the Effects & Presets window
After Effects Glitch presets

If you ever looking for glitch presets for Premiere Pro, check those one below.

Creating digital distortion and glitch manually in After Effects can be very time consuming and daunting and that is when plug-ins come into play.

I have selected a list of “glitch” effects plug-in that you might be interested to look at below.


Twitch is not a new After Effects plug-in it has been around for a while and is well known in the motion graphic industry.

Here is a list of feature Twitch can do.

Blur Operator:
The blur function contains some of the most advanced features including a threshold slider, transfer modes, and aspect control.

Color Operator:
One of the most fun and useful functions allows you to colorize your twitches as well as randomize color for exciting situations.

Light Operator:
Similar to an exposure function, this operator allows you to choose from adding brightness or darkness to your Twitches or even both.

Scale Operator:
With built in Motion Blur and random anchor selection the Scale operator will give you endless possibilities.

Slide Operator:
One of the most fun to use, the Slide operator has many controls over slide, motion blur, tendency and the advanced RGB Split.

No convince yet, check out the video below

Universe Glitch – REDGIANT

Universe Glitch and Glitch Transition give your footage and and text the look of compressed, glitched video. These tools creates the effect of poor internet connections, bad video encoding, corrupt data streams, and low-bandwidth broadcasts.

TV Distortion Bundle – RowByte

TV Distortion Bundle is a collection of five distortion plug-ins for After Effects and Premiere which help digital media artists create Analog Distortion, Digital Image & Satellite Distortion, Digital Pixel Simulation and Chromatic Aberration with ease. In other words you can simulate TV watching experience from the analog era to the current digital compression era.

The bundle has the following plug-ins.

  • Data Glitch
  • Bad TV
  • Separate RGB
  • Dot Pixel
  • TV Pixel

Dojo Glitch Script

This one is not really a plug in but I though I would mention it here because it work really well. This handy Dojo script acting more like presets where you select your layer and it apply the glitch effect, you can then edit the settings and optimize your glitch animation.


  • Easily split the RGB channels and create chromatic aberration
  • Control individual axis for glitch effect
  • Control the glitch frequency and amount
  • Add digital artifacts with digital distortion
  • Add flickering
  • Glitch multiple layers at once and control them individually

Suggested Price: $6.99

Here is one simple method I used to create a quick glitch transition in After Effects, you can either follow the mini tutorial below or download the AE project at the end and update the images.

  1. First prepare your 2 images or 2 footages for 1920×1080 pixel
  2. Open After Effects and import both images or footage
  3. Create a composition at 1920×1080
  4. Drag and drop the 2 images/footage in your Timeline
  5. Create a rectangle Shape Layer of 1920×1080
    After Effects shape layer
  6. Expand the shape layer content click the arrow next to Add, and select Zig Zag
  7. On Size create your first keyframe at 6000 and last keyframe at 0.0
    On Ridges Per segments create a keyframe at 41 and last frame at 0.0
    On Scale first keyframe at 0 and last key frame at 100%
    Shape Layer Glitch Setup
  8. Select your second image and add a Alpha Track Matte
    Alpha Matte Shape Layer
  9. Make sure the Shape layer is hidden
  10. Press play you should see a glitch transition animation from the first image to the second image
    Glitch Transition

Want to see how it work in After Effects? Just Download the Glitch Transition After Effects Project here

You can find free glitch effects footage below, as a best practice please make your due diligence and see if all of them are royalty free.


Or check those very affordable footage.

VHS Glitch TV Noise TV Static Pack

Once your glitch effects is produced and beautiful you might want to look for sound, here are a couple of options.

You might want to look for what is free already, here are some links
10 Free Glitch Sound Effects for Video Projects from Rocketstock

Also very affordable sound effects ranging from $1 to $50 check audiojungle glitch sound effects

Luckily for those who don’t have time or the budget to buy a video editing or motion graphics software, you can find amazing glitch effect tool online where you can upload your images, mp4 videos or even use your webcam and it will make the distortion effects for you. In addition you can even customize your glitch effect with tons of options how cool is that!

Check out the 2 websites below

photomosh glitch effect online tool
image glitch effect tool

You still have a glitch questions ?

Just comment below I would love to hear from you.