You just receive an illustrator file to animate and you are not sure how to import it correctly in After Effects? Well you landed on the right place, my goal here is to teach you the best workflow to import an illustrator file into After Effects and show you some tips and tricks to import vector files easily in After Effects. I will share some plug-ins you can use to get your illustrator file ready quickly and improve your workflow and make your life easier when you animate.

First let me list what might happen if your Illustrator file is NOT ready for After Effects

  • After effects is not importing all your illustrator path and layers.
  • After Effects shows a blank layer from your illustrator file.
  • After Effects doesn’t show your gradient, it shows a solid gray color.

Now I am going to resolve each of the issue above, let’s get started!

Just expand the tab below to explore different ways to work with Illustrator and After Effects.

For this tutorial I will use this vector coffee cup image below. file here

  1. Open your Ai file in Illustrator
  2. Open your layers window

    As you can see there is multiple path those wont be recognize in After Effects, to solve this let’s continue.
  3. Click on Layer 1 and click on Release to Layers (Sequence). Demo below
  4. Now that your layers are created drag all of them outside Layer 1
  5. Finally rename each layers so it is organized and click SAVE.
  6. Your Illustrator file should now be ready to import into After Effects.