effects & presets panel transition listAdobe After Effects provides multiple amount of beautiful motion graphics transitions, the only concern I have is that you can’t preview all of them at once.  So I have decided to make it easier for everyone and create this transition preview gallery to gain quick visual preview of all the default After Effects transitions presets. This transition preview gallery page will come in handy when you’re on a deadline and looking for a specific AE transitions.

Let’s start by the basic for the beginners

Where are the transitions in After Effects ?

You can find the After effects Transitions on the Effects & Presets panel window (screenshot image on the right side).
The shortcut to access the Effects & Presets panel:  Ctrl+5  (Windows)  |  Command+5 (Mac OS).
On the Effects & Presets panel you will find a multiple transitions effects to use under
> Transition
> Animation Presets > Transitions – Dissolves
> Animation Presets > Transitions – Movement
> Animation Presets > Transitions – Wipes

How to add and apply a transition in After Effects ?

On your Effects & Presets panel select your transition then drag it on your layer on the timeline panel.
Apply After Effects Transition

After Effects Transitions Presets Preview Gallery

Note: I have used the default transitions presets settings to make the gallery below, obviously with a few tweaks you should be able to get very cool after effects transitions for your motion graphics projects.

block-dissolve Card-wipe CC-Glass-Wipe
Block Dissolve Transition Card Wipe Transition CC Glass Wipe Transition
CC Grid Wipe Transition CC Image Wipe Transition CC Jaws Transition
CC-lightwipe CC-light-sweep CC-Radial-ScaleWipe
CC Light Wipe Transition CC Line Sweep Transition CC Radial Scale Wipe Transition
CC-Scale-Wipe CC-Twister CC-warpomatic
CC Scale Wipe Transition CC Twister Transition CC WarpoMatic Transition
Gradient-wipe Iris-Wipe Linear-wipe
Gradient Wipe Transition Iris Wipe Transition Linear Wipe Transition
radial-wipe Venetian-Blinds
Radial Wipe Transition Venetian Wipe Transition
block-disolve-digital block-dissolve-random Block-dissolve-scanlines
Block Dissolve – Digital Block Dissolve -Random Block Dissolve – Scanlines
Boxes-concentric-NTSC Boxes-random-1 Boxes-random-2
Boxes – Concentric Boxes – Random 1 Boxes – Random 2
Boxes-random-3 Boxes-stroked dissolve-blobs
Boxes – Random 3 Boxes – Stroked Dissolve – Blobs
dissolve-dither dissolve-ripple dissolve-sand
Dissolve – Dither Dissolve – Ripple Dissolve – Sand
dissolve-unmelt dissolve-vapor fade-dip-to-black
Dissolve – Unmelt Dissolve – Vapor Fade transition – Dip to black
fade-flash-to-white fade-overexposed ovals-concentric
Fade transition – flash to white Fade transition – overexposed Ovals – Concentric
ovals-random1 ovals-random2
Ovals – Random 1 Ovals – Random 2
Card-Wipe---2D-Fractured Card-Wipe---3D-Pixelstorm Card-Wipe---3D-Swing
Card Wipe – 2D Fractured Card Wipe – 3D Pixelstorm Card Wipe – 3D Swing
Fly-to-inset slide Drop slide---straight
Fly to inset Slide – Drop Slide Straight
slide---swoop slide---variable Stretch-&-Blur
Slide Swoop Slide Variable Stretch & Blur
Stretch & slide Stretch---diagonal-bottom Stretch---diagonal-top
Stretch & Slide Stretch – Diagonal Bottom Stretch Diagonal Top
Stretch---horizontal Stretch---vertical Stretch over Horizontal
Stretch horizontal Stretch Vertical Stretch Over – Horizontal
Stretch over vertical Zoom 2D Spin Zoom 3D-Tumble
Stretch Over – Vertical Zoom – 2D Spin Zoom – 3D tumble
Zoom---bubble Zoom---spiral Zoom wobbling
Zoom – Bubble Zoom Spiral Zoom – wobbling
Band-Wipe - Build Band-Wipe - Crossing Band-Wipe - Zigzag
Band Wipe – Build Band Wipe – Crossing Band Wipe – ZigZag
Barn-Doors Checker-Wipe Clam-Shell
Barn Door Checker Wipe Clam Shell
Clock-Wipe Corner-Reveal Grid-wipe
Clock Wipe Corner Reveal Grid Wipe
Iris-Cross Iris-Diamond Iris-points
Iris – Cross Iris Diamond Iris Points
Iris-round Iris-Square Iris-Star
Iris round Iris Square Iris Star
Iris-Star-unfold Iris-Sunburst Iris-Sunburst-unfold
Iris Star Unfold Iris Sunburst Iris Sunburst Unfold
Linear-Wipe Paint-On Radial-Wipe-bottom
Linear Wipe Paint On Radial Wipe – Bottom
Radial-Wipe-top Venetian-Blinds Wedge-Wipe
Radial Wipe – Top Venetian Blinds Wedge Wipe

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