Ever wonder what the stylize effects look like in After Effects? Well you landed in the right place I was able to create a stylize preview gallery to see an overview of each presets so you can have a overall idea of how your layers and videos will look like after you apply the stylize presets.

What are the After effects stylize effects?

The stylize Effects allows you the modified your image or video based on the color and shape data. By using this data the stylize effect can produce a lot of different style, like emboss, glow, cartoon style, make kaleidoscope…

After Effects stylize presets listWhere are the Stylize effects presets located ?

On the right are the 25 After Effects stylize presets list to use them follow the steps below.

Open the Effects & Presets window panel.
Click Stylize to expand the folder
Click on any of the effects
Drag and Drop to your layer or video in your composition

To open the Effects & Presets panel use the shortcut below
PC: CTLR + 5
MAC: Command + 5

Stylize Effects preview gallery below

I have used the default settings to show you an overview of each 25 stylize effects presets but fill free to open them in the Effect Control panel to customize the effect and make it to your own taste.

Brush StrokesCartoonCC Block Load
CC Burn FilmCC GlassCC HexTile
CC Kaleida
CC KaleidaCC Mr. SmoothieCC Plastic
CC RepeTileCC ThresholdCC Threshold RGB
CC VignetteColor EmbossEmboss
Find EdgesGlowMosaic