After Effects presets text animationI have always used the Adobe Bridge previewer to check the Adobe after effects text animation presets, however browsing on different motion graphic forums I found out that a lot of people online are having trouble to preview the default After Effects text presets or that the after effects animation presets are not working.

Thinking about it for a while I have decided to help and make a thumbnails animation preview gallery of each After Effects text presets, YES it was a lot of work to develop this After Effects text animation presets preview page but I am sure it will help motion graphic designers and video editors to find precisely the text presets animation they need quickly and ultimately improve their workflow.

Click on the + sign below to expand and browse the default After Effects text presets preview thumbnails gallery.

3D Basic Position Z Cascade 3D-Basic-Position-Z-Typeon 3D-Basic-Rotate-X-Cascade
3D Basic Position Z Cascade 3D Basic Position Z Typeon 3D Basic Rotate X Cascade
3D-Basic-Rotate-Y-Cascade 3D-Bouncing-In-Centered 3D-Fall-Back-Scale-&-Skew
3D Basic Rotate Y Cascade 3D Bouncing In Centered 3D Fall Back Scale & Skew
3D-Fall-Back-Scramble-&-Blur 3D-Flip-In-Rotate-X 3D-Flip-Out-Rotate-X
3D Fall Back Scramble & Blur 3D Flip In Rotate X 3D Flip Out Rotate X
3D-Flip-Up-Reflection 3D-Flutter-In-From-Left 3D-Flutter-In-Random-Order
3D Flip Up Reflection 3D Flutter In From Left 3D Flutter In Random Order
3D-Flutter-Out-From-Right 3D-Fly-Down-&-Unfold 3D-Fly-Down-Behind-Camera
3D Flutter Out From Right 3D Fly Down & Unfold 3D Fly Down Behind Camera
3D-Fly-Down-Random-&-Rotate-Y 3D-Lines-Zoom-In 3D-Rain-Down-Words-&-Colors
3D Fly Down Random & Rotate Y 3D Lines Zoom In 3D Rain Down Words & Colors
3D-Random-Spike-Tumble 3D-Resolve-Position 3D-Rotate-around-Circle
3D Random Spike Tumble 3D Resolve Position 3D Rotate around Circle
3D-Rotate-in-by-Character 3D-Rotate-out-by-Word 3D-Scramble-in-Position-Z
3D Rotate in by Character 3D Rotate out by Word 3D Scramble in Position Z
3D-Spiral-Down-&-Unfold 3D-Spiral-Rotate-In-by-Line 3D-Spiral-Rotate-Out-by-Line
3D Spiral Down & Unfold 3D Spiral Rotate In by Line 3D Spiral Rotate Out by Line