Programing an After Effects expression from scratch can be very tricky on time consuming specially if you just started on After Effects so I have regrouped a bunch of After Effects scripts and providing the syntax, project files and demo example. This After Effects expression gallery should help you understand how to use codes and adapt it to your own animation.

Disclaimer: Most of those AE expression reference are programing code syntax that I have researched online and I am happy to refer your name if you are the programmer behind those fabulous codes. One the master I can’t thanks enough for his participation sharing his programing codes on all forum is Dan Ebberts.

My objective here is to provide you a lot of useful After Effects expressions reference that AE animators use. I am planning on constantly updating this page with new expression so beginners and experts can be more efficient and spend less hours on researching and figuring out programming codes in After Effects.

LoopIn Expression
This expression allow you  to loop anything before the first keyframe.

Download the loop-in expression project here

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LoopOut Expression
This expression allow you  to loop anything after the last keyframe.

Download the loopOut Project file here

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Ping Pong Expression
This expression allow your to loop back and forth 2 keyframes also called boomerang expression.
You can use either loopIn(“pingpong”) or loopOut(“pingpong”)

Download The PingPong expression here

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Loop Continue Expression
The loopOut(“continue”) expression use the last keyframe to continue its direction and speed until the end of your timeline. This expression should be helpful if you want a layer to travel over time.

Download the continue loop project here

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Loop Cycle
The loop cycle expression is basically the default value, when you write loopOut(“cycle”) it is the same as writing loopOut().
This expression can be more useful if you use an argument modifier.

Download the cycle expression here