After Effects Distort Effects ListFor a while I have been wanting to do an After Effects Distort Effects gallery. The question that comes every time in my head is “what does this distort effect do again?” I kind of get lazy to try the effects I don’t remember and often just use the one I am used to. This time, I figured it is not only helping me, but most likely will help newbies or even seasoned motion designers to know what kind of distortion effect they need to use.

I used an image to make the distortion but you also distort text the same way.

Just a side note this blog is meant to show a quick preview of what each After effects distort effect does. By changing the distort anchor point, bezier, curves and settings the end result can be completely different.

If you need accurate info, you can surely look at the documentation on the Adobe distort effects page.

Here is the list:

Bezier Warp Effect Bulge Effect CC Bend It Effect
Bezier Warp Effect Bulge Effect CC Bend It
CC Bender effect CC Blobbylize effect CC Flo Motion effect
CC Bender CC Blobbylize CC Flo Motion
CC Griddler effect CC Lens effect CC Page Turn effect
CC Griddler CC Lens CC Page Turn
CC Power Pin effect CC Ripple Pulse effect CC Slant effect
CC Power Pin CC Ripple Pulse CC Slant
CC Smear effect CC Split effect CC Split 2 effect
CC Smear CC Split CC Split 2
CC Tiler effect Corner Pin effect Detail-Preserving-Upscale effect
CC Tiler Corner Pin Detail-Preserving-Upscale
Displacement Map effect Liquify effect Magnify effect
Displacement Map Liquify Magnify
Mesh Warp effect Mirror effect Offset effect
Mesh Warp Mirror Offset
Optics Compensation effect Polar Coordinates effect Reshape effect
Optics Compensation Polar Coordinates Reshape
Ripple effect Rolling Shutter Repair effect Smear effect
Ripple Rolling Shutter Repair Smear
Spherize Effect Transform Effect Turbulent Displace effect
Spherize Transform Turbulent Displace
Twirl effect Warp effect Warp Stabilizer VFX effect
Twirl Warp Warp Stabilizer VFX
Wave Warp Effect
Wave Warp