In this post you will find a total 10 After effects Birthday Templates that you can use on your next project.

I have animated 5 After Effects birthday templates you can download for free and use for your next birthday celebration. I have tried to create a variation of birthday event animations from birthday intro opener, birthday background, birthday invitation. I hope you will find my work useful and share it with your friends and family.

See below the demo video of the 5 free after effects birthday template.

5 Free Happy Birthday After Effects Templates

1. Birthday Cake with Candle

Here is an animated birthday cake that pops up and rotates with a lit up candle landing on it. The Happy Birthday text animates in and 2D fireworks explode around the cake. This animation is simple, cute and ideal to send a Happy Birthday to a friend, family member or coworker.

Download the After Effects birthday cake template here
Download the Birthday Cake Greenscreen version here

2. Animated Birthday Background

This animation almost has a 3D quality to it with the text rotating in and out of view, with background details such as toasting champagne glasses, birthday cupcakes and wrapped gifts. The text reads “On this wonderful day, I wish you the best that life has to offer! Happy birthday!”

Download the after effects birthday background template here
Download the birthday background greenscreen here

3. Birthday Invitation Template

This is a birthday invitation template bursting with colorful confetti. A line starts out to create a box in which the text appears in an animated way. Each animated card answers each question What, When, Where? respectively and are adorned with little gifts, cupcakes and houses. it a really short and sweet way to send an invitation to a birthday party.

Download the After Effects birthday invitation template here
Download the greenscreen birthday invitation here

4. Confetti Birthday Party Template

Here is a colorful and animated “Happy Birthday” logo with confetti bursting onto the screen with different colors. It can be used on a loop as well, since the exploding confetti is actually quite hooking.

Download the After Effects Birthday Confetti template here
Download the Happy Birthday Confetti greenscreen here

5. Happy Birthday Text Animation

This animation uses the same confetti burst as the previous animation, but the font and calligraphy text animation are different, as well as the colors and the decorative pennant flag banner added on.

Download the Birthday text animation AE project here
Download the Birthday Text Animation Greenscreen video here

6 Best Paid After Effects Birthday Templates

Now, if you have a little budget in your wallet I have found super cool AE birthday templates you can work with to impress your friends and family. Here is the list:

1. Happy Birthday Line Art After Effects Template

Here is a very artistic birthday intro template that start with animated festive flags hanging from side to side, then a multi color line draw a cake and show a special message, then the artistic line continue and draw a gift shape, moving forward the line draw a heart love shape and finally reveal and draw happy birthday with exploding confetti.

Download the template on MotionIsland for only $16

2. Happy Birthday Slideshow Party Template

This template is a sweet virtual photocollage video that showcases all your favorite pictures among balloons, gifts and confetti. It’s the perfect way to give homage to the birthday boy’s or birthday girl’s past year, favorite activities, or friends and family. You can display photographs as well as videos, so the impact is really vibrant and fun.

Download the After Effects template for $18 – Videohive

3. Happy Birthday Intro Template

This birthday template is strong, classic and festive and also includes balloons and confetti. Perfect for older children and adults alike, it’s the perfect way to send birthday wishes to friends, family or coworkers. The bonus scene at the end gives and explosion of confetti and applause.

Download the Birthday intro for $16 – Videohive

4. Birthday Wishes

This birthday template is a super creative way to wish someone happy birthday. The whole scene pans out from an array of colorfully wrapped 3D gifts onto a delicious 3D cake adorned with 3D flowers and candles, and showcases the age and name of the recipient. A slider will change the age on the candle, the text bar will change the name on the cake, and another text bar will change the sender’s name on the heart-shaped card.

Download the birthday Wishes template for $16 – VideoHive

5. Baby first Birthday Album Template

This is a fun template to send on baby’s first birthday. The template is a 3D photo album that opens to paper structures such as little houses, trees and a myriad of other little baby details, toys, animals and decorations. You can display photos of baby’s first year, from birth to 1st birthday in this virtual baby book. Each page has its own theme such as space explorer, meals at home, bath time, sleep time, and play! There a two templates included: a blue version and a pink version to suite your preferences.

Download the baby birthday album for $34 – Videohive

6. Add your face Birthday Template

This template is super spunky and animated! the birthday card is faster-paced that the other ones, but that’s part of the charm. Here, you can juxtapose cut-out photos of your friends and family on top of moving bodies that are cheering for the birthday girl or boy. The whole video is full of energy and pops of fun with balloons, decorations and dancing friends! You can also showcase photographs on the banner decorations. This is also the perfect way to commemorate a birthday party and send it to your guests as a way to share photos of the event.

Download this birthday template for $36  -Videohive

Are you looking for a specific birthday template? Please drop your comments below.