I have created 5 different After Effects chart animation that are commonly used on video infographic, from bar graph to pie chart… I hope it will be a good use to you and that it will help you to improve your motion graphic skills.

After Effects Bar Chart

This is an animated After Effects bar chart with multi-colored bars increasing and simultaneously revealing the legend for each bar. This source project is ideal if you quickly want to show some data to your client.

Download the After Effects Bar Chart Project here

Horizontal Bar Chart

Here is an animated horizontal bar graph to represent a set of data horizontally. Starting from a customizable date, each multi-colored bar increases to the right. At the same time, the legend appears next to each bar and can be customized to your specific text.

Download the After Effects Horizontal Bar Chart Template here

Pie Donut Chart

This After Effects animation is in the form of a pie chart which incrementally reveals each piece of data. The pieces can reveal percentages of the pie, but they can also be customized to show total amounts. Each piece also has its own title or legend revealed as the piece appears.

Download the after effects Pie Donut chart here

Circle Diagram Pie Chart

This After Effects pie chart is a simplified version of the previous one, and should help you gain some time when integrating a diagram in your video. It’s clear and concise. and I created it in a dynamic way so that you only need to change the control slider in order to change the percentage.

Download the free After Effects diagram pie chart here 

Circle Progress Bar

This After Effects circle progress bar should be very useful and straightforward when you need to show a data increase in your infographic.

Download the After Effects Circle Progress bar here

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