For the past few months, I have focused on creating one hundred useful After effects animations that can be utilized in day to day projects. Based on my experience working with different marketing agencies, I found out that they are usually motion graphics are that always used more than once, so instead of creating a new animation from scratch every single time why not using a good base and customize it for your need.

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Text Animation 1

Text Animation 1

The text moves toward the right of
the screen and comes to a screeching
halt like a vehicle after it reappears.
Text Animation 2

Text Animation 2

The text unravels like opening a
box with different sides.
Text Animation 3

Text Animation 3

The text appears as if it was turning
on itself.

Text Animation 4

The text appears on the screen in
a rotating fashion.
Text Animation 5

Text Animation 5

The text looks like it is spinning
in and out of view.
Text Animation 6

Text Animation 6

The text Comes into focus very
rapidly from big to small.

Text Animation 7

The text appears onto the screen
through two stylized bubbles.

Text Animation 8

The text appears inside a quote and
box that draws itself.
Text Animation 9

Text Animation 9

A line appears with text coming out
on it on the top and bottom.
Text Animation 10

Text Animation 10

A round sticker bounces up with text
inside and a rotating frame on the
Text Animation 11

Text Animation 11

A line appears and divides itself
with text inside which pops up.
Text Animation 12

Text Animation 12

The text looks like it is dangling and
then rotates to disappear.
Text Animation 13
Text Animation 13

The text arrives on the screen by
dropping down and bouncing back
Text Animation 14

Text Animation 14

Two sticks arrive and unravel to
showcase the text.
Text Animation 15

Text Animation 15

A Laurel wreath appears and
surrounds the text.
Text Animation 16

Text Animation 16

The text rotates into view at different
Text Animation 17

Text Animation 17

The text come into view like a stamp.
Text Animation 18

Text Animation 18

A coin rotates into view and a firework-like
effect appears from it.
Text Animation 19

Text Animation 19

The text flips around and are trust toward
the camera before disappearing
Text Animation 20

Text Animation 20

This text is a dangling light bulb.
Text Animation 21

Text Animation 21

The text jumps up, flips around and jumps
Text Animation 22

Text Animation 22

The letters of the text drop down onto the
screen in a slightly bouncy movement.
Text Animation 23

Text Animation 23

The letters of the text come together in an up and
down motion and then get pulled back out of the
Text Animation 24

Text Animation 24

This is a stamp-like animation that rotates
Text Animation 25

Text Animation 25

In this animation, each word rotates on itself at
the same time.
Text Animation 26

Text Animation 26

The letters appear very quickly on the screen,
pause, then fade out rapidly toward the left.
Text Animation 27

Text Animation 27

The text appears inside two rectangles, one
after the other and then go away.
Text Animation 28

Text Animation 28

This text appears next to a moving line which
cradles the text. This animation is great for
small paragraphs
Text Animation 29

Text Animation 29

This text animation is perfect for a quote
inside a circle being drawn for effect.
Text Animation 30

Text Animation 30

The letters of the text come into place and then
disappear in disarray.
Text Animation 31

Text Animation 31

The text comes forward and then a second line
appears underneath.
Text Animation 32

Text Animation 32

The letters of the text are rapidly written and then
are emphasized with a bounce before
Text Animation 33

Text Animation 33

This text is animated like the waves of an ocean
and then disappear.
Text Animation 34
Text Animation 34

A line appears and divides itself
with text inside which comes down.
Text Animation 35

Text Animation 35

The text appears next to an animation that
resembles stairs.
Text Animation 36

Text Animation 36

The text appears like words bouncing forward and
then disappears by turning on itself.
Text Animation 37

Text Animation 37

This is for a binary text that gets separated and
reunited by the inner line.
Text Animation 38

Text Animation 38

The letters of the text fall into order to reveal
the text.
Text Animation 39

Text Animation 39

The text arrives onto the screen, makes a stopping
motion, bounces, and then disappears.
Text Animation 40

Text Animation 40

Two opposite facing arrows come apart to reveal
the text and then come back together.
Text Animation 41

Text Animation 41

This is a sticker animation with an animated
circle and the text appearing on the top and
bottom of a line.
Text Animation 42

Text Animation 42

The pendulum swings back and forth with
text inside.
Text Animation 43

Text Animation 43

The text appears and bounces in two words and
then disappears by turning on itself.
Text Animation 44

Text Animation 44

Each word writes itself and then vibrates or
jiggles in place.
Text Animation 45

Text Animation 45

The words are rotating or flipping like a spring
Text Animation 46

Text Animation 46

This animation is perfect for a longer text. The text
appears in a growing rectangle with rotating
corners and disappears as a shrinking rectangle.

Text Animation 47

Stars appear with a line which is perfect to
announce someone’s name and occupation,
like a business card.
Text Animation 48

Text Animation 48

The words appear in a rotating motion one after
the other.
Text Animation 49
Text Animation 49

Each letter of the text is rotating into place like a
whirlwind and disappears in the same fashion.

Text Animation 50

The text is written out and then encircled by an
animated square.
after effects balance scale

Scale Animation 51

Moving balance scale where two words or concepts can be presented. The scale tips from one side to the other.

Pump Animation 52

The tire compressor pump is inflating the text gradually, growing bigger

Text Animation 53

The text is squeezed and then released and continues bouncing until it stops.

Time Animation 54

Time on this analog clock is ticking away at a very fast pace. The digital format underneath is speeding up at the same time.

Thermometer Animation 55

Heat thermometer Animation rising up as the degrees on the side and counting from a low to high temperature.

Brain Gear Animation 56

The gears in the mind of the man’s profile are turning as to explain the concept of thinking or aquiring ideas.

Weight Animation 57

This animation shows a simple stick figure transforming through different sizes (underweight, normal weight and overweight)

Battery Animation 58

AA battery Animation charging and the word underneath also has the green recharging stripes as well.

Text Animation 59

Stopwatch Animation with needle of the clock turning as seconds and milliseconds are counting up

Scale Animation 60

Kitchen weight scale animation, showing the word ‘Heavy’ dropping down with needle going up to 8 Lbs

Recycle Animation 61

Recycle Icon Animation with the word recycle cycling in loop with arrows

Title Animation 62

Square jumping up and expanding as two opposing arrows reveal the title and sub-title.

Lowerthird Animation 63

Blue Lowerthird stripe and lines revealing title.

Text Animation 64

Yellow Stroke line animation revealing title and subtitle.

Lower Third Animation 65

Social Media Lower Third with name, title and facebook address

Text Worm Animation 66

Bouncing worm revealing title then worm line bouncing away

Lower third Animation 67

Lower third showing big title first then name in smaller letters

Text Animation 68

Coming soon word jumping on and slowly fading out.

Text Animation 69

Each letter rotates in place to revealing a sentence.

Circle Animation 70

3 words animation rotating with circle stroke lines

Lower Third Animation 71

Lower third with spectrum colors bouncing and revealing title and sub-title.

Coupon Animation 72

Circle coupon animation showing special offer with 35$off

Coupon Animation 73

Rectangle Coupon animation building up with scissors cutting around

Title Animation 74

Black and white revealing flipping title animation

Thumb Animation 75

Thumb up Thank you animation
Pin Dropping After Effects Animation

Pin Animation 76

Pin dropping down with animated gears inside then title and descrption show up.
Label Animation After effects

Label Animation 77

Banner label Animation revealing word by unraveling
Hexagon Animation Outline

Hexagon Animation 78

Outline stroke Hexagon Animation then title zooms in
Lowerthird Animation

Lower Third Animation 79

Lower third line stroke animation with logo, name, profession and email.
Heat Thermometer After Effects Animation

Thermo Animation 80

Cooking heat thermometer that goes from rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, Well done
Triangle Rotating Animation

Triangle Animation 81

Triangle outline spinning animation revealing your brand name and location
Divided Title Animation

Title Animation 82

Divided outlined rectangle Animation with logo title and brand name
After Effects Search Field Animation

Search Animation 83

Search field animation with typing text with cursor and magnifying glass icon.
Diagonal Cut with tab Animation

Divider Animation 84

Diagonal line cut with divider popping out and retracting
Flipping Tab with Analog Clock
Clock Animation 85

Rapidly moving analog clock inside a text bubble
Happy Birthday After Effects Animation

Birthday Animation 86

Birthday cake Animation with a wobbly Happy Birthday over the top of the candle.
Certified Badge After Effects Animation

Certified Animation 87

Diamond shaped label with award or cerfied quality badge
Electrified Animation

Electric Animation 88

4 Dots with Electrified wire animation going around name and title
2D Explosion Animation with Word

Explosion Animation 89

2D boom Animation with simple 2d smoke.
Hourglass After Effects Animation

HourGlass Animation 90

Hourglass with sand indicating time and management Animation.
Bitcoin Animation After Effects

Coins Animation 91

Gold Euro, bitcoin, dollar coins rotating 360 in loop.
Title Comparison After Effects

Title Animation 92

2 black and white titles side by side comparison
Tweet Animation icons

Tweet Animation 93

Bursting Tweet reply icon, retweet arrow icon bursting, 2d tweet like heart animation
Pig Bank Animation

Piggy Coins Animation 94

Piggy bank walking accumulating and saving money
Pie chart After Effects animation

Charts Animation 95

Circle and pie chart animation
Stripe Text Animation

Stripe Animation 96

Animation of a stripe band revealing title
Trophy After Effects Animation

Trophy Animation 97

Laurel wreath with gold trophy animation
Earth Badge AE Animation

Earth Animation 98

Earth spinning with lines going around the globe
After Effects Test Tube Animation

Test Tube Animation 99

Test tube experiment boiling animation
Diamond After Effects Animation
Diamond Animation 100

2D Diamond rotating in circle badge with title

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So which animation you like the best ? Would you like to see more ? I would love to hear from you in the comment area below.