After Effects Text Animation Presets Preview Gallery

After Effects presets text animationI have always used the Adobe Bridge previewer to check the Adobe after effects text animation presets, however browsing on different motion graphic forums I found out that a lot of people online are having trouble to preview the default After Effects text presets or that the after effects animation presets are not working.

Thinking about it for a while I have decided to help and make a thumbnails animation preview gallery of each After Effects text presets, YES it was a lot of work to develop this After Effects text animation presets preview page but I am sure it will help motion graphic designers and video editors to find precisely the text presets animation they need quickly and ultimately improve their workflow.

Click on the + sign below to expand and browse the default After Effects text presets preview thumbnails gallery.

3D Basic Position Z Cascade 3D-Basic-Position-Z-Typeon 3D-Basic-Rotate-X-Cascade
3D Basic Position Z Cascade 3D Basic Position Z Typeon 3D Basic Rotate X Cascade
3D-Basic-Rotate-Y-Cascade 3D-Bouncing-In-Centered 3D-Fall-Back-Scale-&-Skew
3D Basic Rotate Y Cascade 3D Bouncing In Centered 3D Fall Back Scale & Skew
3D-Fall-Back-Scramble-&-Blur 3D-Flip-In-Rotate-X 3D-Flip-Out-Rotate-X
3D Fall Back Scramble & Blur 3D Flip In Rotate X 3D Flip Out Rotate X
3D-Flip-Up-Reflection 3D-Flutter-In-From-Left 3D-Flutter-In-Random-Order
3D Flip Up Reflection 3D Flutter In From Left 3D Flutter In Random Order
3D-Flutter-Out-From-Right 3D-Fly-Down-&-Unfold 3D-Fly-Down-Behind-Camera
3D Flutter Out From Right 3D Fly Down & Unfold 3D Fly Down Behind Camera
3D-Fly-Down-Random-&-Rotate-Y 3D-Lines-Zoom-In 3D-Rain-Down-Words-&-Colors
3D Fly Down Random & Rotate Y 3D Lines Zoom In 3D Rain Down Words & Colors
3D-Random-Spike-Tumble 3D-Resolve-Position 3D-Rotate-around-Circle
3D Random Spike Tumble 3D Resolve Position 3D Rotate around Circle
3D-Rotate-in-by-Character 3D-Rotate-out-by-Word 3D-Scramble-in-Position-Z
3D Rotate in by Character 3D Rotate out by Word 3D Scramble in Position Z
3D-Spiral-Down-&-Unfold 3D-Spiral-Rotate-In-by-Line 3D-Spiral-Rotate-Out-by-Line
3D Spiral Down & Unfold 3D Spiral Rotate In by Line 3D Spiral Rotate Out by Line
3D-Swing-Around-on-Path 3D-Tumble-Words-Forward 3D-Twist-&-Color-Characters
3D Swing Around on Path 3D Tumble Words Forward 3D Twist & Color Characters
Center-Spiral Characters-Shuffle-In Decoder-Fade-In
 Center Spiral  Characters Shuffle In  Decoder Fade In
Drop-In-By-Character Espresso-Eye-Chart Fade-Up-And-Flip
 Drop In By Character  Espresso Eye Chart  Fade Up And Flip
Fade-Up-Characters Fade-Up-Lines Fade-Up-Words
 Fade Up Characters  Fade Up Lines  Fade Up Words
Fly-In-From-Bottom Fly-In-With-A-Twist Pop-Buzz-Words
 Fly In From Bottom  Fly In With A Twist Pop Buzz Words
Raining-Characters-In Random-Fade-Up Random-Shuffle-In
 Raining Characters In  Random Fade Up  Random Shuffle In
Random-Word-Shuffle-In Slow-Fade-On Smooth-Move-In
 Random Word Shuffle In  Slow Fade On  Smooth Move In
Spin-In-By-Character Spin-In-By-Word Straight-In-By-Character
 Spin In By Character  Spin In By Word  Straight In By Character
Straight-In-By-Word Straight-In-Multi-Line Stretch-In-Each-Line
 Straight In By Word  Straight In Multi-Line  Stretch In Each Line
 Stretch-In-Each-Word  Twirl-On-Each-Line  Twirl-On-Each-Word
 Stretch In Each Word  Twirl On Each Line  Twirl On Each Word
Typewriter Wipe-In-To-Center
Typewriter Wipe In To Center
Encoder-Fade-Out Fade-Out-By-Character Fade-Out-Slow
Encoder Fade Out Fade Out By Character Fade Out Slow
Raining-Characters-Out Random-Fly-Off Random-Word-Fly-Off
Raining Characters Out Random Fly Off Random Word Fly Off
Slide-Off-Right-By-Character Slide-Off-Right-By-Word Stretch-Out-Each-Line
Slide Off Right By Character Slide Off Right By Word Stretch Out Each Line
Stretch-Out-Each-Word Twirl-Off-Each-Line Twirl-Off-Each-Word
Stretch Out Each Word Twirl Off Each Line Twirl Off Each Word
 Blur-By-Word Bullet-Train  evaporate
Blur By Word Bullet Train Evaporate
foggy Jiggy  Transporter
Foggy Jiggy Transporter
Bloom-Flower Clockwise-Entry Counter-Rotate
Bloom Flower Clockwise Entry Counter Rotate
Dust-Devil Lasso-Tumble Lasso
Dust Devil Lasso Tumble Lasso
Musical-Chairs  Newton Pinwheel
Musical Chairs Newton Pinwheel
Radial-Flare Retrograde Rotate
Radial Flare Retrograde Rotate
somersault Spin-fast Spin-exit
Somersault Spin Fast Spiral Exit
spiral-in Spirograph swoopy-entry
Spiral In Spirograph Swoopy Entry
tea-leaves  tire-rim  whirl-in
Tea Leaves Tire Rim Whirl In
 buzz-words  current-time-format  dictionary
Buzz Words Current Time Format Dictionary
 display-comp-time  frame-number  Inch-worm
Display Comp time Frame Number Inch Worm
Text bounce
chasing-strokes fill-color-wipe flicker-color-scale
Chasing Strokes Fill Color Wipe Flicker Color – Scale
flicker-color flicker-green inflammation
Flicker Color Flicker Green Inflammation
pulse-blue pulse-orange pulsing-strokes
Pulse Blue Pulse Orange Pulsing Strokes
pulsing-strokes2 rotate-hue sliding-color-flicker
Pulsing Strokes 2 Rotate Hue Sliding Color Flicker
stroke-ease-down wiggly-stroke-byline wiggly-stroke-width
Stroke Ease Down Wiggly Stroke Width By Line Wiggly Stroke Width
bar-blinky bar-lime Blue-note
Bars Blinky Bars Lime Blue Note
cut-shapes exchange Green-dots
Cut Shapes Exchange Green Dots
hazard Red-circle scratchy-film
Hazard Red Circles Scratchy Film
Snowflakes white-trim yellow-boxes
Snowflakes White Trim Yellow Boxes
 blue-flash  broadway  bubble-pulse
Blue Flash Broadway Bubble Pulse
 Emerge  Exposure  Flash
Emerge Exposure Flash
 Flicker-Exposure  Fluctuate  Fluorescent-Light
Flicker Exposure Fluctuate Fluorescent Light
 office-light  overlay  Pulse-exposure
Office Light Overlay Pulse Exposure
 shadows  silhouettes  Sonar-Ping
Shadows Silhouettes Sonar Ping
 Spin-flash  word-flash
Spin Flash Word Flash
algorithm algorithm-loop Automation
Algorithm Algorithm Loop Automation
bad-reception Doppler Electro-magnet
Bad Reception Doppler Electro Magnet
helicopter insert-text Kinematic
Helicopter Insert Text Kinematic
mechanical pistons Rack-Pinion
Mechanical Pistons Rack & Pinion
Roadtrip Roadtrip2 Scale-bounce
Roadtrip Roadtrip2 Scale Bounce
Screen-Roll StairStep submarine
Screen Roll Stairstep Submarine
underscore warp98
Underscore Warp 9.8
angle-fly-in back-flip blow-away
Angle Fly-In Back Flip Blow Away
Bounce-in bungee chaotic
Bounce In Bungee Chaotic 1
chaotic2 clay-pigeons dotcom
Chaotic 2 Clay Pigeons Dot.Com
elbow-room Explosion Explosion2
Elbow Room Explosion Explosion 2
Hop,-Skip,-And-A-Jump1 pendulum punching-bag
Hop, Skip, And A Jump Pendulum Punching Bag
question rattle roll-bounce
Question Rattle Roll Bounce
sequential-jump six-shooter slide-bounce
Sequential Jump Six-Shooter Slide Bounce
slip-in-out smokey squeeze
Slip In Out Smokey Squeeze
superhero swing-up twitty-ribbons
Superhero Swing Up Twisty Ribbons
twitty-ribbons2 vanishing-point Wiggly-lines
Twisty Ribbons 2 Vanishing Point Wiggly Lines
alphabet-soup Contract-expand currents
Alphabet Soup Contract – Expand Currents
data-packet data-stream dealer
Data Packet Data Stream Dealer
encryption fly-in-by-characters fly-in-by-words
Encryption Fly In By Characters Fly In By Words
front-back frotnside-backside Ideas
Front – Back Frontside – Backside Ideas
incoming Jetstream2   Jetstream1
Incoming Jetstream 2 Jetstream
multi-line-flip outgoing-incoming Pneumatic
Multi-Line Flip Outgoing – Incoming Pneumatic
production stack-right-left weekdays
Production Stack Right Left Weekdays
word-processor zippy
Word Processor Zippy
autumn boiling boomerang
Autumn Boiling Boomerang
bounce-diagonal chewingum climber
Bounce Diagonal Chewing Gum Climber
dip-bounce double-helix drop-bounce
Dip-Bounce Double-Helix Drop Bounce
fish-bait flutter flying-formation
Fish Bait Flutter Flying Formation
horse-fly hummingbird insect-wipe
Horsefly Hummingbird Insect Wipe
insects labrador leapfrog
Insects Labrador Leapfrog
loose-line ocean-tide quiver
Loose Line Ocean Tide Quiver
ripple rubber-floor rubber
Ripple Rubber Floor Rubber
sea-sick shuffle simmer
Sea-Sick Shuffle Simmer
slice-and-dice sprouts tag-team
Slice And Dice Sprouts Tag Team
wheatfield wind-current wobble
Wheatfield Wind Current Wobble
360-LOOP antelope ants
360 Loop Antelope Ants
backstage balance balloon-man
Back Stage Balance Balloon Man
balloon bouncing bubble-pop
Balloon Bouncing Bubble Pop
bump-and-slide-on centipede circuit-board
Bump And Slide On Centipede Circuit Board
conveyor-belt double-spiral down-and-out
Conveyor Belt Double Spiral Down And Out
downhill-slide-off downhill-slide-on frenzy
Downhill Slide Off Downhill Slide On Frenzy
hurdles karate-shop loop-on-and-off
Hurdles Karate Chop Loop On And Off
lyrical organism paper-clip
Lyrical Organism Paper Clip
pipes raquetball rat-nest
Pipes Racquetball Rat Nest
reel-to-reel reel-to-reel2 rope-bridge
Reel To Reel Reel To Reel 2 Rope Bridge
serpent slippery-slope spiral-long
Serpent Slippery Slope Spiral Long
spiral springy squirmy
Spiral Springy Squirmy
stairwell symmetry tchotchke
Stairwell Symmetry Tchotchke
walk-of-stars zig-zag
Walk Of Stars Zig-Zag
Drip-Down Flip-Up Full-Rotation
Drip Down Flip Up Full Rotation
Loopy-loop Random-rotation Rotate-Chars
Loopy Loop Random Rotation Rotate Chars
rotateperword spin-in swirly-rotation
Rotate Per Word Spin In Swirly Rotation
large-scale lets-dance Scale down word text animation
Large Scale Let’s Dance Scale Down Word
scale-down scale-by-word scale-up
Scale Down Scale Up Word Scale Up
wiggly-scale-wipe Zoom-away zoom-forward
Wiggly Scale Wipe Zoom Away Zoom Forward
contract Decrease-tracking Extend
Contract Decrease Tracking Extend
increase-tracking magnify spasm
Increase Tracking Magnify Spasm
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    • MotionIsland 01/20/2018 at 11:42 pm - Reply

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    • MotionIsland 03/18/2018 at 10:09 am - Reply

      Hi Thomas, you most likely won’t find a preset for this, the letters pieces will need to be animated manually or with an expression.
      After effects presets do not allows to break letters in multiple parts unfortunately, hope this helps.

      • Thomas Benson 03/18/2018 at 6:18 pm - Reply

        Thanks so much for the reply. That’s unfortunate to hear, I was hoping you’d send me in the direction of at least someone who knows how to animate text like this. If you could do that, that would be much appreciated. I’ll even pay for the tutorial myself if I have to, please. I’m desperate for the animation and have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for your time. Or if anyone else can help me with this issue, please and thank you.

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